Who can shop at Billows?

 Everyone! Billows prides themselves on being one of the leading electrical supply stores in the Delaware Valley. Whether you are an electrical contractor, property manager, purchasing agent for a facility or a do it yourself homeowner, we are here to help. Here at Billows we do not sell windows, floors, mowers, paint, carpet or lumber... we love lights! Stop in any of our locations to see how we can assist you!

What is the benefit of having a Billows credit account? And how do you open one?

Once you set up a credit account with Billows the benefits are endless. Better Prices - by setting up an account we can better structure our inventory and prices based on your needs. Electronic Billing and Statements. Purchase tracking, Order history and Net 30 day payments. To set up a credit account you have a few options, you can request an application by following the Account Application link, fill out our Printable Credit Application and mail or fax back to us or you can stop by one of our 16 locations.

How can I receive Billows specials?

It’s easy just sign up and you are done! Follow the Emailer Application, fill out the basic information and you will instantly be connected to all of the top promotions!

How can I locate the closest Billows to me and their hours?

For a complete list of Billows locations and store hours, please go to our locations page.

What products does Billows carry?

Billows currently stocks over $18 million in inventory from top manufacturers.  For a quick glance at the top products that we work with please go to our line card. If you do not see what you are looking for please contact us at davidl@billows.com and we will be happy to set you up with the product you need!

Can I check my Billows account online?

At this time Billows does not provide account information via our website. However you can receive invoice and statement information via email or fax by contacting greenme@billows.com. Send a quick email with your company's name, account number and contact information and a Billows employee will set you up.

Does Billows have after business hours support?

Yes! At Billows our mission is to satisfy our customers and sometimes you may need equipment outside of our normal business hours. In case of this emergency please call the phone number below and someone will be happy to assist you for a nominal fee.

      • 1-866-398-1162